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About Me

About Me

After long careers in corporate America, we wanted to spend more time helping others, living healthier and owning our own business to give us both time and financial freedom.  After being with a few multi-level marketing companies, we knew that we didn't want that! If you are wondering 'why' multi-level marketing doesn't make sense (even though so many people are doing it), Check out

We needed something with a reliable, documented, residual income .... We wanted to see business reports! And, we were looking for our last company to work for, not our 'next company'.

As the video shared with you, we didn't want to sell products or ask friends & family to purchase things they didn't need at prices they couldn't afford either - Which is why this company and this business model just made sense to us.  Real people buying real products like they would at the grocery store - however much safer, affordable and effective.  Wondering what type of products those are? Check out

What we do may or maynot be for you, and if not that's ok! However, if an hour or less of your time could possibly change your life, physically or financially (or both), what do you have to lose to simply watch, learn, ask questions and decide for yourself?

Cell: (847) 858-3610
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